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Our Coachsulting service is designed to empower clients facing diverse business challenges. By seamlessly integrating coaching and consulting, we provide a versatile and effective approach to problem-solving, ensuring that our clients achieve their desired outcomes and shine in their business endeavors.


Imagine your business at a critical point, facing challenges like launching a new strategy, making things run smoother for efficiency, or managing complicated matters like legal, tax, payroll, HR, technology, or people-related issues.

Our Coachsulting service offers a unique blend of coaching and consulting to address specific challenges faced by individuals, teams, and organizations. We understand that different situations may require different approaches, and our Coachsultants seamlessly transition between coaching and consulting roles to provide tailored solutions. This service is particularly beneficial for addressing challenges related to business strategy, inefficiencies, legal, tax, payroll, HR, technology, leadership, and team dynamics.

Key Features

Individual Focus

  • Customized solutions for individual needs.
  • Emphasis on problem-solving rather than broad conversations.
  • Pace of engagement adjusted to suit the client’s preferences and priorities.

Dual Perspective

  • Combining the strengths of coaching and consulting.
  • Coachsultant serves as both a guide and a teacher.
  • Enables cohesive problem-solving from different perspectives.

Flexibility in Approach

  • Adaptability to the client’s preferred style.
  • Shifts between coaching and consulting based on the client’s evolving needs.
  • Fluid transition to address challenges effectively.

Actionable Solutions

  • Providing feasible, sustainable, and tailored advice.
  • Ensuring that recommendations meet the true needs of the client.
  • Emphasis on practical implementation and results.
For Individuals
For Individuals
What is Coaching and Mentoring and it’s relation to People Services?

Coaching & Mentoring

Unveiling a transformative approach to enhance client service delivery through the integration of coaching and mentoring services, exploring the dynamic synergy of personalized development and strategic support to empower our teams for unparalleled client success. Today, we delve into the impact of coaching and mentoring, redefining our service approach.

Coaching is a catalyst for skill enhancement and goal achievement. Where mentoring helps with foundation for supportive relationships fostering personal and professional growth. This consolidated introduction captures the essence of the presentation, emphasizing the transformative and impactful nature of coaching and mentoring services in elevating client service delivery.

  • Individual Development Coaching: Personalized coaching sessions to enhance individual skills and career growth;
  • Leadership Coaching: Guiding leaders to strengthen leadership qualities, decision making, and team management;
  • Performance Coaching: Improving individual and team performance through targeted coaching interventions;
  • Career Transition Coaching: Supporting employees through career changes, offering guidance and strategic planning;
  • Communication Skills Coaching: Enhancing effective communication, presentation, and interpersonal skills;
  • Conflict Resolution Coaching: Coaching to develop strategies for resolving workplace conflicts amicably.

  • Professional Growth Mentoring: Providing long term guidance for career advancement and professional development.
  • New Employee Onboarding Mentoring: Assisting newcomers in acclimating to the organization and its culture;
  • Technical Skills Mentoring: Guiding individuals in developing specific technical skills relevant to their roles;
  • Diversity and Inclusion Mentoring: Fostering an inclusive workplace culture through mentoring initiatives;
  • Strategic Career Planning Mentoring: Offering insights and support for strategic career planning and goal setting;
  • Entrepreneurial Mentoring: Supporting aspiring entrepreneurs in navigating business challenges and growth.
For Organizations
For Organizations
Our coachsulting program not only focuses on your business but also on your team’s well being!


Beginning our first venture into the Azerbaijani market, our distinctive coachsulting services stand out. What sets us apart from other local firms is our experience with international companies and this unique approach, which enhances personal and professional growth for individuals while strategically collaborating with organizations to ensure sustainable success. The following step s o utline our strategy to ensure a successful introduction into the Azerbaijani market.

01 Preliminary Discussion of Company’s Business Process: Understand the current state of the company’s business processes through in depth discussions;

02 Client Collaboration: Engage in collaborative discussions with the client to align services with their specific needs and objectives;

03 Identification of Gaps and Areas for Development: Conduct a thorough analysis to identify gaps in current processes and areas for improvement;

04 Technical Process Review: Perform a technical review of existing processes to ensure efficiency and effectiveness;

05 Understanding Business Strategy: Gain insight into the company’s overarching business strategy to align services with organizational goals;

06 Review of Compatibility with Legislation: Assess the compatibility of business processes with relevant legislation and regulations;

07 Individual Interviews and Action Planning: Conduct interviews with key individuals to gather insights and collaboratively develop action plans;

08 Creation of Process and Actions Map: Develop a visual process and actions map to illustrate identified areas for development and the proposed solutions;

09 Training and Development: Offer targeted training sessions to address skill gaps and enhance professional development;

10 Individual Coaching and Mentoring: Provide personalized coaching and mentoring to individuals, fostering personal and professional growth;

11 Group Trainings through Agreed Action Map: Deliver group training sessions based on the agreed upon action map to ensure a collective understanding and commitment;

12 Ongoing Follow ups: Implement a structured follow up process to track progress, address challenges, and adapt strategies as needed for sustained improvement.

The Coachsulting
Approach in Action

The Coachsulting
Approach in Action

1. Consultation Phase:
  • Customized solutions for individual needs.
  • Emphasis on problem-solving rather than broad conversations.
  • Pace of engagement adjusted to suit the client’s preferences and priorities.
2. Coaching Phase:
  • Ongoing support as challenges evolve.
  • Powerful questioning to guide the client in developing their own solutions.
  • Focus on authentic and context-specific problem-solving.
3. Continuous Adaptation:
  • Flexibility to shift between coaching and consulting based on evolving requirements.
  • Ensuring a dynamic approach to maximize effectiveness.

Client Benefits

Holistic Solutions
Receive a comprehensive approach that integrates coaching and consulting for a well-rounded solution.
Services tailored to the client’s unique needs, ensuring relevance and effectiveness.
Improved Decision-Making
Empowering clients to make informed decisions with confidence.
Long-Term Impact
Sustainable solutions that address both immediate concerns and long-term goals.


  • “After collaborating with Elnur Mammadov, I found myself capable of clearly articulating a future vision in my new role and setting priorities to attain a better work/life balance, which significantly impacted various facets of my life. With Elnur Mammadov’s Coachsulting approach, I not only gained confidence but also made a much-needed career transition. Without Elnur Mammadov’s expertise in Coachusulting, encouragement, and support, I doubt I would have made such a pivotal move. He effortlessly bridges the personal and professional realms, providing the value of two coaches in one. His ability to grasp the entirety of an individual, including technical skills, is exceptional. I highly recommend Elnur Mammadov to anyone seeking comprehensive life changes for greater overall fulfillment.”

    Aida Baghirova

    Advisor to the Executive Director
    at East Zangezur economic regions

  • “Despite being in the midst of the Coachsulting program with Elnur Mammadov (with only three sessions remaining), I have already acquired a wealth of skills, techniques, and valuable resources from him. These insights are not only beneficial for my personal career growth but also hold significant potential for shaping the future of my company, guiding us on the path of advancement. Elnur Mammadov embodies reliability, friendliness, professionalism, attentive listening, and a keen curiosity, which collectively instill a sense of ease and comfort. Working with him has been a pleasure, and I eagerly anticipate applying everything I’ve learned into practice. I wholeheartedly endorse Elnur Mammadov and his Coachsulting program, not only for individuals seeking personal development but also for organizations aiming to translate strategy into execution.”

    Javid Sayyadzade

    CEO at Makro Leasing LLC

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