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Our legal services cover Corporate and Commercial Law, ensuring compliance and offering strategic solutions for business success. In Immigration Law, we seamlessly manage immigration matters for individuals and businesses. In Labor and Employment Law, we foster a healthy work environment, ensuring compliance and resolving employment matters efficiently. Additionally, our Litigation services empower clients to navigate legal disputes and debt recovery effectively, securing favorable outcomes.

Corporate and commercial law

We help with starting, changing, and closing businesses, both in Azerbaijan and internationally. We also support collaborations, agreements among owners, paperwork for business changes, acquisitions, startup creation, legal compliance checks, and assist in legal matters related to mergers, negotiations, and contracts, while also identifying and managing risks in business relationships.
  • Assisting with the creation, restructuring, and closure of companies, including branches and offices in Azerbaijan;
  • Helping with the registration of companies in offshore locations;
  • Supporting investments from abroad and partnerships between businesses;
  • Facilitating the creation of agreements among shareholders;
  • Managing the paperwork when companies undergo changes;
  • Preparation of corporate documents;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A);
  • Assisting in the creation and organization of new startups;
  • Legal due diligence of buyers and sellers (Know Your Customer and Know Your Supplier);
  • Providing legal assistance for business mergers, pre-contract talks, and contract drafting;
  • Recognizing and analyzing risks that may arise from business agreements.

Immigration law

Considering current developing day-by-day economic market, one of the important jobs in business activity is Immigration procedures for seconded staff to Azerbaijan or vice versa. Exactly here can be arisen a lot of questions. We will more than happy to assist you in managing all required steps accurately and as per the latest legislative and regulatory changes.
  • Obtaining and prolongation of visas;
  • Issuance of invitation letters for long term visas;
  • Work permit and temporary residence;
  • Permanent residency and citizenship;
  • Double citizenship consultancy;
  • Consultancy while moving to Azerbaijan regarding the vital issues to be considered;
  • Border regulations related to immigration.

Labor and employment law

Healthy employment environment in every business is vital for successful performance, from what high indicators of business activity depend on.
  • Preparation and analysis of employment contracts/employment agreements, Agreement on non-disclosure of confidential information;
  • Advice on foreign employment contracts and expatriation of employees;
  • Representation of parties in employment disputes;
  • Preparation of defense in legal proceedings and a personalized follow-up on cases at all courts;
  • Advice on solutions for hiring personnel with best possible cost-saving options;
  • Legislation compliance as a consequence of employment;
  • Advising on other employment-related issues.

Litigation and debt collection

  • Assisting clients in resolving conflicts with both local and international business associates;
  • handling communication and correspondence related to unpaid debts;
  • creating recovery plans and defining payment terms for overdue debts;
  • offering a personalized strategy for debt collection with a success fee structure;
  • preparing legal documents for legal procedures;
  • attending court hearings at all levels of local courts;
  • presenting allegations and oral arguments in court;
  • acknowledging and implementing judgments and awards from foreign courts and arbitration; and enforcing decisions made by local courts.

Contract drafting and review

  • Providing advice on, negotiating, and creating documents such as letters of intent, confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;
  • collaborating on joint ventures and consortium agreements;
  • establishing shareholder agreements and agreements for the transfer of shares;
  • creating agreements for distribution, agency, sales representation, technology transfer, and licensing;
  • dealing with letters of credit and trade finance paperwork;
  • managing export and import agreements and contracts;
  • developing general terms for contracts, including service agreements and sales contracts;
  • registering and translating power of attorney letters;
  • interacting with regulatory authorities, including contract registration or approval when necessary;
  • creating contracts in various industries, both internationally and locally, in multiple languages;
  • providing legal solutions for complex business needs in commercial dealings;
  • and offering on-demand legal services related to commercial transactions and contracting.